03 July 2014

Here, Look version 1.0.2 is now available in the App Store.

This version fixes an issue where, when viewing a group of large photos (particularly from a Photostream), Here, Look could crash.

Additionally, two new features have been added by user request. They’re mentioned in the help screen, but are otherwise hidden, to keep the main interface as simple as possible.

Pre-select Photos

Normally, you tap an album in the Albums list; select the photos you want to share; then tap “Here, Look” to view the photos.

Sometimes, you want to show all (or most) photos in an album, and tapping all the photos becomes a pain. In this case, just long-press the album (instead of tapping it) in the Albums list. After a second, release the album and it will load with all photos pre-selected. If there are a few you don’t want to share, just tap those to de-select. Then tap “Here, Look” as usual.

Slideshow Mode

If you’d like to view some photos automatically (perhaps via AirPlay or a connected display), select an album and some photos as usual, and tap “Here, Look”.

Long-press on one of the photos and you’ll see this:

Choose the duration you want each photo displayed, and whether you want the slides to loop when the last photo is reached, or just remain on the last photo.

Tapping on any photo will cause the slideshow-in-progress to stop.