22 January 2015

Here, Look v1.1 is now available in the app store.

This version includes a few bug fixes, mostly related to iCloud photos under iOS 8.1.

Here, Look v1.1 now caches copies of shared photos so they can be re-shared quickly, online or off.

But mostly…

Introducing the Here, Look share extension

You’re in the Photos app, looking through your photostream. You want to show off those awesome football pictures, but not so much the adorable, adorable ponies.

So you head back to your home screen; launch Here, Look; find that album again; find those photos again. A minor irritation, but an irritation nonetheless.

If you’re running iOS 8, you can now skip that last paragraph.

You select a couple of pictures, click the “Share” icon, and pick “Here, Look” from your Share options.

And if you want to share those photos again? Launch Here, Look - they’re in your Recently-Shared Sets list.

The (one-time) catch

iOS 8 lets you choose what options show up in your Share menu. Here, Look won’t be there by default.

If you don’t see Here, Look in your share menu, scroll it to the right until you see the “More…” icon. Tap it.

Turn on “Here, Look” and you’re all set from now on.

The bonus

With the share extension, you can use Here, Look on photos shared from other apps (if they support iOS 8 Photo Sharing). For example, you can share a photo from Picturelife right now; more apps will support this over time.